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Pavan's wide-ranging legal and non-legal interests and experiences are why he delivers results for everyday people as our Hamilton County Clerk of Courts.

Every day, he applies lessons he has learned throughout his career to bring new perspectives to creating greater access to the courts and improving the administration of justice.  The diversity of his experience includes working in-house for a $100 billion bank, as the top Democratic lawyer in the Ohio Senate, and as an Officer and Judge Advocate in the US Army Reserve. As a military lawyer, Pavan's primary responsibilities were preparing wills and estate plans for deploying soldiers and representing victims of sexual assault. 

In addition to being engaged in service to the legal profession by serving in leadership locally and across Ohio including as a member of the Ohio Ballot Board and as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Cincinnati Bar Association, he is active in legal education and recently spent three years as an adjunct professor at UC Law and Xavier University. He brings that understanding of principles of law in theory and practice to ensure that his decisions are rooted in the law with a concern for fundamental fairness.


Put simply, Pavan’s passion for the law and justice will make sure our courts work for everyone.

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